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BVSD School Age Care Adventure Camps

Full Day Adventure Camp Excursions are Back for 2022-2023!
Enrollment is open for all camps

SAC provides a Full Day Adventure Camp program in line with the BVSD calendar, on the following days under the following conditions. Please note the deadline dates for each camp and the days that the SAC program does not provide care at the bottom of page.

Please Register for Adventure Camps Early!
Planning for Adventure Camp when school is out involves reserving the appropriate number of buses two weeks in advance, making accurate reservations, purchasing appropriate supplies and snacks, staffing for appropriate ratios and sites and accommodating the children who need care for the day. Our goal is to provide a fun and organized day for all children, so the sooner we know yours is coming the better.

Registration Details

  • SAC Families wanting to attend the Full Day Adventure Camps must register through their Parent Portal and clicking on the “registration” link from their home page. Families will be charged at the time of the request. New Families without a SAC account will first register through the BVSD SAC website. Once registration information is approved, you will be able to register for Adventure Camps through your new Parent Portal account. In addition to the cost of the camps for new families, there is a one-time registration fee of $60 to set up a child care account for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • CCAP Families will request attendance through the SAC Registrar
  • After the cutoff date for each camp (see below), children may still register for camp, if space is available, and be charged the late camp fee. After the cutoff date, the camp fee is non-refundable.
  • If you reserve a space and your child does not attend for any reason, the camp fee is nonrefundable, as we have already reserved bus space, excursion entry and staffed for your child. We do not refund for absences, vacations or school cancellation days.
  • Any persons authorized to pick up your child may be asked to show I.D. and listed as an emergency contact.

Adventure Camp Pricing
Excursion Days: $75 per camp for families currently enrolled in BVSD child care. Children will engage in field trip type activities off site, or by in house presenters (example: Museum or Color Me Mine)

Themed Days: $65 per camp for for families currently enrolled in BVSD child care. Children will experience staff-planned activities based around an interactive theme (example: Harry Potter or Pirates)

A $10 late fee applies to registrations past the deadline dates

No refunds or credits will be given for school closings, sick days, snow days, COVID or other health quarantines, or family vacation days. Regular tuition and fees will be charged for all absences. This policy is in place because the cost for staff and programming remains the same when children are absent. Families must pay full tuition for the days they are in attendance.

Locations (SAC students from schools not listed may choose any of the locations below for Adventure Camp days)
Aspen Creek K-8
Crest View
Monarch K-8
Coal Creek

Adventure Camp Dates
All camps will run 7:30am-4:30pm
Enrollment is first come first serve, or until the capacity is met for the day. The deadlines below represent the last possible day to enroll for any open locations.  All sites have capacity for 60 students.

 Family Sign Up By:  Adventure Camp Days:  Excursion/Themed Day:
 Monday, October 10  Monday, October 17 Teacher PD Day  Anderson Farm
 Monday, November 14   Monday & Tuesday, November 21-22 Thanksgiving Break
  (Groups A & B will alternate locations Monday & Tuesday)

 Wednesday, November 23 Thanksgiving Break
 AR Workshop Outreach: Winter Ornaments
     Check out the FB Story!
 WOW! Children's Museum  Changed to CU Natural 
         History Museum and the CU Heritage Center
 On-Site Themed Day
 Monday, December 12  Monday - Thursday, December 19-22 Winter Break  Boulder Symphony Outreach Concert
 Nurf Turf at Coal Creek
 + TBD 
 Monday, December 12  Monday - Tuesday, January 2-3 Teacher PD Days
 (Groups A & B will alternate locations Monday & Tuesday)

 Color Me Mine
 Mega Moves II 

 Monday, January 30  Monday, February 6 Teacher PD Day  Colorado Shakespeare Festival
 Monday, March 20  Monday, March 27 Spring Break
 Tuesday, March 28 Spring Break
 Wednesday, March 29 Spring Break
 Thursday, March 30 Spring Break
 Friday, March 31 Spring Break
 On-Site Themed Day
 Colorado Railroad Museum
 On-Site Themed Day
 Skate City
 On-Site Themed Day
 Friday, April 14  Friday, April 21 Spring Conference Day  Ninja Nation
 Monday, April 17  Monday, April 24 Spring Conference Day  Camp canceled