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School Age Care (SAC) 2024-2025 Application Will Feature a New Lottery Process

This will replace the first-come, first-served system used in the past.

School Age Care


A lottery sign-up window will open between April 15 and May 3 for incoming kindergarteners through 8th grade students. To ensure every interested family has the same opportunity, current and potential SAC families will submit a lottery application.

All requests submitted within the April 15 - May 3 window will be considered as part of the lottery, with priority given according to the following factors:

1.    Full-time, Monday through Friday SAC schedules will receive top priority.
This allows for more efficient staffing to maximize the number of children at each location based on the allowed ratio.

2.    Children of benefit-eligible BVSD employees.
This ensures that BVSD staff that depend on this care will have the ability to fulfill their shift duties.

3.    Household (aka “Sibling”) priority. Once a child’s application is chosen in the lottery, all sibling applications will receive priority.
For siblings who have different schedule selections, part-time schedules are only available after full-time applications are fulfilled.

Schedule Options

#1 Five days per week (full-time)
SAC Schedule - 5 Days
Fixed #2 Three days per week (part-time)
SAC Schedule - 3 Days
Fixed #3 Two days per week (part-time)
SAC Schedule - 2 Days

The part-time schedules are fixed so that our program can maximize daily capacity and to ensure that we can accommodate as many families as possible. Unfortunately, custom schedules are not an option at this time. Part-time schedules only available after full-time applications are fulfilled. 
For Horizons K-8 specific information, please click here. 

Full 2024-2025 SAC Schedule

Schedule Choice Fixed Through The End of October

Any registered SAC schedule (full or part-time) will remain fixed. Schedule change requests can be submitted starting October 1, 2024. If the schedule change is approved, it will be for a November 1, 2024 start date. There will be a $25 Schedule Change Fee per family associated with the change request.

When considering a schedule change request, you may request to move from full-time to part-time or vice-a-versa. Note: You are not guaranteed to keep a spot in SAC if you make a schedule change request, you may be placed on the waitlist based on availability and priority. Full-time schedules remain the priority.

The only schedule change request permitted before October 31, 2024 will be complete disenrollment from the SAC program.

2024-25 School Age Care Rates

Effective April 1, 2024.
First day of SAC is August 14. Prorated August tuition due at registration.

Before School (7:00am - Morning Bell) Rate
Five Days Per Week (Monday-Friday) $310 per month
Three Days Per Week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) $200 per month
Two Days Per Week (Tuesday, Friday) $140 per month
After School (Afternoon Bell - 6:00pm) Rate
Five Days Per Week (Monday-Friday) $555 per month
Three Days Per Week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) $355 per month
Two Days Per Week (Tuesday, Friday) $255 per month

Application Schedule

April 15 – May 3      SAC lottery sign-up period
May 3 at 4pm           Lottery closed
                                    Late applications will be accepted in the order received, and priorities will not apply
May 6 – 10                Lottery verification window
May 13                       Notification of lottery selections
                                     Parents will have until Monday, May 20 at 8:00am to accept their offer by completing their SAC registration
                                     through SchoolCareWorks. 
                                     Families not selected will automatically be added to the waitlist. Waitlist system begins.
May 20                       Ongoing waitlist management for waiting families. 
August 14                  First day of SAC for the 2024-2025 school year

On-Time SAC Registration Window
SAC Late Registration Window
SAC Closed Registration Window

How the waitlist will work

When space becomes available at a site, families will be contacted in the order they appear on the waitlist through a text and email with an offer to complete registration.
  • Waitlist applications or priorities are not transferable between locations
  • Offers are valid for two business days. You must complete registration within this timeframe.  
    • Once registration is approved, confirmation of your start date will be provided, and cannot be postponed to a later date
  • If a family rejects an offer, they will forfeit their waitlist position, and apply again at a later time.
  • Spaces cannot be held for enrollment at a later time
  • Waitlist is subject to change based on applicant priorities
  • Any instructions (including applicable codes) needed to enroll will be provided
An application may move up or down on a waitlist based on applicant priorities.

For example:

  • If an enrolled applicant has a sibling on the waitlist, the household priority will be applied for the sibling, increasing their waitlist priority rank
  • The availability of part-time schedule options can also change the priority rank of certain applicants

Adventure Camps (Non-Student Contact Days)

Please note that Adventure Camp registration for non-school days is separate from this SAC enrollment process. Adventure Camp registration will open shortly after the start of the school year. Find Adventure Camp details here.

Never Bummer Summer Camps

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