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BVSD Child Care Financial Assistance Information

BVSD Child Care Programs

Dear Families,

Thank you for registering for one of our BVSD Child Care Programs (Early Connections, Preschool Enrichment, and/or School-Age Care). You have indicated a need for financial assistance for the upcoming school year. Any family seeking financial assistance will need to apply to CCAP  (Child Care Assistance Program) with their residing counties for assistance with their tuition. The BVSD Free/Reduced Lunch program does not provide financial assistance for Child Care.  

  • CCAP provides financial assistance to eligible low-income families who need Child Care benefits for children from birth to age 12. If you are eligible for assistance, a portion (or all) of the cost will be paid by CCAP.
  • Parents must be authorized by CCAP and pay their parent fee or pay the FULL RATE for the first billing cycle prior to starting the program. 
  • We are a CCAP provider. It is recommended that you apply for CCAP 60 days before your child begins the program. If you already qualify for CCAP, you can change or add a new provider with 11-day notice to your caseworker.  Boulder County CCAP families can use this link to request a change to their authorization. CCAP will direct you regarding the next steps. You will be asked for a provider number (Licensing Number) for your child’s school. This number can be found below.
  • Once you have been authorized for CCAP, you will need to submit the authorization notification to the office.  Your tuition will be based on the CCAP determination of the Parent Responsibility Fee (if any) and will be collected monthly.
  • There are two fees associated with CCAP. One fee is the registration fee of $60 which will be waived for any family officially authorized for CCAP tuition assistance. The second fee is a parent fee which is based on your financial award and cannot be waived per CCAP.
  • If you have been denied CCAP (and have a complete application), but have extenuating circumstances, you may contact the office, submit your “denial letter” from CCAP, and fill out our Appeal Form for further consideration of reduced child care tuition.
  • All families on financial assistance will be required to sign an agreement policy as part of enrollment.
  • Each CCAP Participant will be required to fill out a CCAP Participant Agreement Form annually. 
Provider License Numbers by Site:

School Age Care
Aspen Creek  #44884
Bear Creek #40067
BCSIS/High Peaks  #87722
Birch  #101858
Coal Creek  #74666 
Columbine  #1749037 
Community Montessori #6006
Creekside  #87723
Crestview  #7490
Douglass #78411    
Eisenhower  #40445
Eldorado PK-8 #44888 
Emerald #1548083
Fireside #74667
Flatirons #40474
Foothills #40475
Heatherwood #79022 
Horizons #1555937
Kohl #1635807          
Lafayette #68810        
Louisville # 40477
Meadowlark #1699406
Mesa #40480
Monarch #19383 
Nederland #1748638 
Pioneer #82201
Ryan #71688
Sanchez #71341
Superior #40482
University Hill # 174978
Whittier #94160

Preschool Enrichment
Birch #101858
Community Montessori #5431
Eldorado PK-8 #1718339
Eisenhower #1748635
Kohl PSE #86358
Heatherwood #1535981
Mapleton # 1638372
Meadowlark CMS #1701858
Nederland #86354
Ryan #47130

Early Connections Infant Toddler Program 
Early Connections Infant Toddler Program #75220